CORTE-X, Management and debriefing


Corte-X is a management and debriefing system. It is developed to optimize your simulation training sessions. Moreover, Corte-X helps you to create a clear overview of the executed actions. This allows teachers to easily evaluate and assess students both during and after simulation training.

Easy to use and intuitive interface

1. Select the configuration best fit to the session

Robotized cameras offer great choice of angle shots. Click on the camera preview and select the thumbnail of the desired angle shot.

2. Tag key-actions in realtime

Once the session started (with ability to record and live stream), the trainer can add tags corresponding to key actions of the student.

3. Debriefing

The timeline let you track and play specific actions. For easy evaluation and assessment of simulation training.

Download brochure (PDF, 1.3Mb)
Corte-X management software
Organise incoming information as desired

View all sources at a glance

Create compositions from the available sources. One interactive tool gathers all the video sources and sensor data. Just click on one of the layouts you created to switch to a different composition. You can see what is interesting at any time without any video switching action.

Various angles of view

Click on a camera preview to recall a position. Each preset records all the settings of the camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom, White Balance, Exposure, Focus). Just click on the thumbnail to instantly recall the angle of shot.

Video debriefing everywhere

Access to recorded videos from any Windows computer. Corte-X includes debriefing software. You can install it to any computer in the network to gain access to all installed Corte-X systems. While one user is manipulating the timeline, the full screen output of the session can be shown on a second screen.

Customize Corte-X

Enhance your simulation training, team training or skill center with the debriefing station. Corte-X can be customized to fully complement your learning center. From small-scale simulator training to multi-room skill centers.

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