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NENA Sim is the world's most realistic baby simulator. NENA Sim is born to complement realistic multidisciplinary team and/or individual baby patient simulation training.

NENA Sim offers an ideal training solution for a wide range of healthcare professional including but not limited to patient care, emergency medical intervention and resuscitation training for dynamic team or individual training.


Besides being the only simulator that has eyes, head, limbs movement, NENA Sim can realistically simulate vocal sound (i.e crying, coughing, heart sounds) infant breathing patterns and complications, circulation feature and anatomical airway.

The realistic airway allows trainee to exercise endotracheal intubation with real clinical instruments.


The NENA Sim system consist of three components:

  • The NENA Sim baby simulator
  • The NENA Sim simulation software
  • The NENA Sim patient monitor

NENA Sim comes with a laptop with NENA Sim software to control and manage the baby simulator. The NENA Sim simulation software has a user-friendly touchscreen interface, which allows the instructor to control the NENA Sim baby simulator movements and to configure the parameters output on the NENA Sim patient monitor for real-time training interaction.

The communication from the conroller to the patient monitor and to the baby simulator is through the built in Wi-Fi. Different language settings are possible.

The NENA Sim patient monitor is a perfect tool for trainig baby examination. It has the following parameters output for setting up various scenarios: Blood pressure, Heart-rate, ECGs, SpO2, CO2, ABP, CVP, PAP, PCWP, NIBP and TOF. Trainees learn from monitoring the displayed parameters. It enables them to deduct the correlation between the measured values and the clinical picture of the patient.

Benefits at a glance

  • Suitable for a wide range of healthcare professional
  • Realistic eyes, head, and limbs movements
  • Simulate various breathing pattern with different rate, depth and complications.
  • Playable vocal sound recordings.
  • Blood pressure and heart-rate set up functions.
  • Offer various parameters output on the patient monitor: ECGs, SpO2, CO2, ABP, CVP, PAP, PCWP, NIBP and TOF.
  • Intubation through anatomical realistic airway
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface allowing the instructor to input the baby movements and parameters output on the patient monitor.
  • Different language options.

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